Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can people learn to play the violin easily?

There are many different places that people can learn to play the violin, but can they actually learn how to play the violin very easily, and for a cheap price? There are many factors that people need to consider when learning to play the violin because the total price is very expensive if people forget to factor in prices such as the maintenance if the violin is old. But as people nowadays seem to have less time to do things as they have to be at work longer, can people learn to play the violin in a quick amount of time that is easy to do?

In previous posts, I have talked about how people can have violin lessons and whether it is worth having them taught by a professional violin teacher. But there are in fact some neat tricks that people can take to try and learn the violin as easily as possible, and progressing without having to take too much practise.

One thing that people may often forget to do when playing the violin is that they do not clean it on a regular basis. Violin cleaning is essential to having a vibrant sound coming from the violin; if people do not clean their violins often, then it will become harder to play as the bow will stick to the string far less.

To be honest, it costs very little to clean the violin effectivly. All that is really needed is a smooth cloth and some gin. Once the violin has been played to a certain extent and they want to pack away, it should be fitted into a person's routine that they clean their violin. Pull across the string (especially n ear the violin bridge) with the smooth cloth and that's all that needs to be done! A little dab of gin should be added to the strings once a month on a cloth so that any residue that has come from the violin is washed off. By cleaning the violin very simply, people should find that it has become easier to play and learn to play the violin and have more progress as the tools that they are using are far better.

But to be honest, the main ways to learn to play the violin are the methods that will have been repeated a thousand times before. Playing easy violin scales and practising often every week is simply the best way that people can learn how to play the violin.

Try to have a certain room to practice in, and setting up a timetable of when to practice can be a very good idea to structure when to practice correctly. By having this done, people should also notice that their violin playing is improving.

A final way to improve is by listening to orchestral or violin music on a regular basis. This way, people will be able to recognise which notes are being played and can become more musical in their playing. By absorbing themselves into violin music, they will find that their fingers may be in the right place more often than not and have a better feel for the music.

On the whole, even if people are offering amazing schemes on how people can learn to play the violin easily, it is fairly impossible to do so. Grinding the work is the best way, and the rewards that come from practicing are simply amazing. The skill is worth working through - even if people do not enjoy it so much after a while.


  1. thank you for this post and your advice abt indulging into violin musics in order to get better feel of the music is particularly useful to me.^^

  2. Yes..they can!

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  3. This article about playing the violin is a good encouragement to those who are not so musically inclined.

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